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The Rides

Name: Chelsea

Make: Porsche

Model: 2008 997.1 turbo 911

Engine: Twin turbo Metzger 3.6L (now 3.8L) boxter/flat 6cyl

Drivetrain: AWD 6spd Manual

Stock power: 475hp 500tq

Real Powar: TBD Llamathrust

Mods: Carrillo rods and pistons bumped from 3.6L to 3.8

Darton sleeves

1300cc injectors

Magnus Fuel rails

Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator

Shrick cams

68mm billet VTG turbos

DO88 Big Pack Intercoolers and piping

AEM Infinity EMS with Flex fuel sensor

Pinned cams and coolant lines


Name: Kairi

Make: Honda

Model: 2003 RHD Civic EX

Engine: 1.7L 4Cyl SOHC D17

Drivetrain: FWD 5spd Manual

Stock power: 127hp 114tq

Real Power: 550 to 600 Llamathrust

Mods: Crower rods, Wiesco pistons, and Darton sleeves

1000cc injectors

Aeromotive fuel pump and regulator

Fully flow benched P&P dezod head

Skunk2 high comp valves

Crower valve springs an Ti retainers

Custom manual timing belt tensioner

Crower stage 2 turbo cam

Dezod EL turbo mani

Precision 5858 billet dual ceramic bb turbo

3 inch exhaust

Honda Fit LSD


Name: The Polar Bear

Make: Toyota

Model: 2006 4runner

Engine: V6

Drivetrain: RWD/4WD Auto

Stock power:

Real Power:

Mods: Pelfrey Built Aluminum front bumper

Old Man Emu/ARB Suspension 3 inch lift

Skid Plates

Baja Designs fog lights and light bar

Front Runner Roof rack

Tepui Roof top tent


Name: TBD

Make: Mitusbishi

Model: 2006 Evo 9 MR

Engine: 4G63 turbo 4 cylinder

Drivetrain: AWD 5speed manual

Stock power: 286hp 289tq

Real Power: TBD Llamathrust

Mods: JDC Coil on Plug Kit

Rear diff plate fix

More mods coming soon