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Iron Ramen Industries





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Traffic Long Exposure


From Honda's to Porsche's and everything in between here is what we are messing with


About Iron Ramen Industries

Iron Ramen Industries has started out as a dream I had to have my own garage, but not your typical garage.

A garage where my friends and I could wrench on whatever we felt like, build the crazy the extreme.  Everything from AWD civic's, to 800+ hp Porsche's, to toyota's designed to run to Dead Horse and back.  No Customers, no my car was making this sound and now its making this sound BS.  Just a bunch of friends doing the fun ridiculous stuff and modifying cars/bikes.

The name came about years back while driving up the PCH in California with a buddy on a road trip.  We were trying to come up with a name for his new business and I came up with "Iron Ramen Industries".  The problem however was it did not really fit his type of business, but it was a pretty sweet name.  So he made me promise that I would use it on something else that was more fitting hence the shop name. 

Contact Info: coming soon

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